'The Price We Pay'

'The Price We Pay'

We’re starting off this week with some positive news. The weather is warming up, masks are coming off, and the pandemic could soon be behind us. And according to some health experts, it's past time. Dr. Marty Makary is a professor at John Hopkins University and recently published a book called ‘The Price We Pay: What Broke American Healthcare and How to Fix It.’ CBN News Correspondent Jenna Browder talked to Makary on Faith Nation recently. She’s on today’s podcast to discuss.

Another top story this week is the new Israeli government taking over. After 12 years, Israeli parliament approved a new prime minister. Naftali Bennett became part of the 36th government of Israel after a tight vote on Sunday, and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu became the opposition leader. CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell gives us the rundown on today’s podcast about what this means for Israel and what may happen next.

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