Backyard Border Crisis: Dottie’s Story

U.S. border wall halted in New Mexico (Photo: Chuck Holton/CBN News)
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Backyard Border Crisis: Dottie’s Story

United States citizens who live on the southern border have experienced the border crisis up close and personal – it’s literally right in their backyard. And while the crisis is impacting the United States as a whole, some folks are experiencing the dangerous side effects of a broken border. CBN News Senior Washington Correspondent Tara Mergener recently visited the southern border and talked to Dottie – a Texas woman whose family has been watching the border change for 100 years. Tara is on today’s CBN News Daily Rundown to share her story. 

After a weekend spent celebrating fathers, let’s talk about some other, often unsung, heroes. From working odd hours to being shot at and mocked, police officers sacrifice themselves on a daily basis to protect us. And that has long-term negative effects on law enforcement as a whole. CBN News White House Correspondent Eric Philips is on today’s episode to talk about police suicide, where it stems from, and how it’s affecting our first responders.

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