Cyber Pearl Harbor

Cyber attack
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Cyber Pearl Harbor

There’s no question the digital lives we’ve built are at risk of being hacked. It happens everyday in the form of identity theft, personal information leaks, and most disturbingly – major cyber security attacks on U.S. industries. But while the U.S. is fixated on securing networks from threats, some experts argue that a major cyber threat could lie within just one piece of hardware manufactured in China. CBN News National Security Correspondent Caitlin Burke is on the podcast today to highlight a major yet overlooked concern in cyber security.

Another top story this week: During a year of pandemic deaths, there was another silent killer on the rise – and you can find it in nearly every drug on the street. An opioid called ‘Fentanyl’ is responsible for the worst year on record for drug-related deaths. CBN News Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson is on The Daily Rundown today to talk about this toxic drug, why it’s on the rise, and what you can do to protect yourself.

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