America's Supply Chain Crisis

Shelves sit empty of shoes in a Nike outlet store, Oct. 5, 2021, in Castle Rock, Colo. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
America's Supply Chain Crisis

"Why hasn't the couch I ordered through Amazon arrived yet? Why can't I find frozen french fries at the grocery store? Why is it so impossible to locate a reasonably priced used car? Why is gas so much more?" Most Americans have been asking themselves some variation of these questions over the last few months and the answer is both simple and complex: the nation's supply chain. Delays across the globe are slowing the delivery of many items across a broad swath of industries, and with increasing demand and dwindling supply, fears of inflation abound. Now, with the Christmas shopping season just around the corner, the Biden administration is announcing steps that they hope will help clear up the backlog. Reporter Tara Mergener breaks down some of the astronomical price increases we're seeing and how the government and private industry is trying to fix it.

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