Concerns of a Cold War with China

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Concerns of a Cold War with China

Is the United States about to enter into another cold war, this time with China? Is it already happening? Tensions are growing after reports last week that the communist nation recently launched a hypersonic missile that is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, a move that military and foreign affairs experts say poses a major threat to American security. This comes as China and Russia conduct joint naval military operations around Japan as well as continued saber rattling by the Chinese over the fate of Taiwan. How is the Biden administration reacting to the threats being posed by China and how worrying is that new hypersonic missile to the U.S. and allies in the region? Reporter Brody Carter is covering the story for CBN News and joins The Rundown today to explain.

Also, one of the first black churches in America was unearthed in colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, but why was it covered up in the first place? Hear how archaeologists dug up the old buildings and why there's hope it can promote the healing that America so desperately needs right now.

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