Deal or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal?

This week, President Biden announced a framework to his Build Back Better legislative agenda in Congress with the hopes of advancing a separate bipartisan infrastructure bill in the House of Representatives. However, Democratic moderates and progressives dealt the President a defeat by failing to move the infrastructure legislation ahead of the President's trip to Europe. Negotiations are ongoing and Democrats say a deal will get done, but when? What does the wrangling mean politically for the White House and how would this new spending program, if and when it goes into effect, affect U.S. taxpayers? CBN News Chief Political Analyst David Brody joins the show to elaborate.

Also, Facebook (now called Meta) is coming under heavy criticism for allegedly allowing divisive and sometimes harmful content to be amplified on its platform in the pursuit of profit. How has this division manifested itself among Christians and churches across the country, and what can Christians and the Church do to make sure they're using social media to build each other up rather than divide? Reporter Charlene Aaron tackles that question for us on the Rundown today as well.

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