Is Putin Losing the Ukraine War?

Is Putin Losing the Ukraine War?

As the Russian military continues its march into Ukraine, reports indicate the pace is much slower than President Vladimir Putin anticipated. Kiev and other major cities are not yet under Russian control and, on Monday morning, a Ukrainian delegation met with Russians on the border with Belarus for talks that the world hopes will lead to an end to the violence. Over the weekend, European allies and the US ramped up sanctions on President Putin and others in his government, and tightened the West’s financial squeeze on Russia in response to their aggression in Ukraine, with analysts speculating that, in some respects, Putin has already lost the war. CBN News Senior International Correspondent and host of The Global Lane, Gary Lane, joins The Daily Rundown to discuss.
Also, as if President Joe Biden’s week wasn’t busy enough last week, the embattled President unveiled his choice for the nation's next Supreme Court justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, taking the place of the retiring Justice Steven Breyer. At a White House event last Friday, Biden praised Jackson as someone with "an independent mind, uncompromising integrity, and with a strong moral compass and the courage to stand up for what she thinks is right.” The President kept his promise to make a nomination ahead of his State of the Union speech, scheduled for Tuesday night at 9pm ET. Faith Nation anchor John Jessup was at the White House last Friday as the announcement came down and joins the Rundown to talk about President Biden’s SCOTUS pick and to preview Tuesday night’s State of the Union address.

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