Ukraine's Weapons of War

Flame and smoke rise from the debris of a privet house in the aftermath of Russian shelling outside Kyiv, Ukraine, Thursday, Feb. 24, 2022. Photo Credit: AP
Ukraine's Weapons of War

Russia's invasion of Ukraine stretched into its second week this week at a pace much slower than Russian President Vladimir Putin anticipated. The capital city of Kyiv is still under Ukrainian control, and the 40-mile convoy of Russian troops and tanks stationed miles outside the city remains bogged down. Despite heavy shelling and a distinct disadvantage in terms of personnel and military hardware, Ukraine is holding on, for now. Meanwhile, the United States and our European allies are providing Ukraine with weapons to help them in their fight against Putin's invaders. CBN News Reporter Brody Carter joins the Rundown to talk about the weapons the Ukrainian people are using to hold onto their country and the role churches in the country are playing in defending their nation.

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