America's Healthcare Worker Shortage

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America's Healthcare Worker Shortage

After two years in which it was pretty much the only thing we talked about, COVID-19 has finally receded into the background, at least in the minds of many Americans. Mask mandates for most of the country have gone away, although some areas still require them, and the debate over vaccine mandates has faded, too. Is COVID-19 no longer a pandemic? Is it something endemic we all will just learn to live with now? And as hospitals and doctor’s offices enjoy this much needed breather, some startling numbers show a shortage of healthcare workers in America. How are states and Congress working to alleviate this growing problem? CBN News Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson joins the Rundown to talk about all that.

Also, the American Kennel Club is out with their yearly ranking of the most popular dog breeds in America. Did your pooch make the top 10?

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