Hunger, Hungary, and the War in Ukraine

Viktor Orban
Hunger, Hungary, and the War in Ukraine

Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine has had a number of negative effects, most of them very obvious in terms of the destruction, suffering and loss of life inside Ukraine itself. But the war is also having an negative impact on millions around the world. This week, the World Bank lowered its global growth forecast by nearly a full percent, due in large part to issues involving food insecurity stemming from the conflict in Ukraine. How much of an effect has it had in terms of the world’s food supply, and which countries are being hit hardest? CBN News Reporter Matt Galka joins the Rundown to discuss.

Also, the nation of Hungary has set itself apart from the rest of its European Union brethren as a country that espouses Christian values, and is led by a conservative prime minister that openly advocates and institutes Christian beliefs into their policies and laws. But as the war in Ukraine rages, Hungary appears reluctant to go all-in to help its neighbor Ukraine, and there is the belief by some in the EU that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is one of Vladimir Putin’s few allies left in Europe. What is Hungary doing as the war rages in their neighborhood, and does Russia consider Prime Minister Orban an ally? CBN News Reporter Jennifer Wishon traveled to Hungary last year for a number of stories on their pro-Christian policies, and joins the Rundown to talk about their position with regard to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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