Christian Comedian Chonda Pierce Serves Up Laughter at Inaugural Ball

Chonda Pierce SI

Chonda Pierce  serves up doses of laughter where ever she goes. Studio 5 caught up with the "Queen of Qlean" just before she performed at The Family Research Council's 'Faith, Freedom and Future' Inaugural ball. 
"The only difference about this performance is that I have to do it in this dress and not my blue jeans and my boots," said Pierce.
She continued, "Other than that, I am the same at every concert, every performance, every appearance."
What is different about this performance is the backlash Pierce and many other artists faced for participating in Inaugural celebrations.  
To her critics she says, "I am a born-again Christian, I am also American, this is the epitome of our democracy."
She added, "I would have gone if Barack Obama invited me. I would have gone if Richard Nixon invited me, well of course I was five, but still I would have gone." 
Pierce says performing at the event is an honor, "I have been in countries where women are not allowed to (vote) ...where they are not allowed to have their faces shown in public." 
She added, "As a woman to have gotten invited to the crown jewel of our democracy, and to say no, my grandmother would flip in her grave!"
"There's a lot of things I don't agree with in all the administrations but I'm still an American," said Pierce. 
"We have got to learn to agree to disagree; or, it's going to be a long four years, maybe eight!" 
Pierce also joked the backlash doesn't trouble her because as a pastor's kid she is "used to causing a scuffle."
Pierce noted there are a few differences between her church audience and the crowd she is performing for Friday evening. 
She said, "There's a lot more secret service than I had at my church. Although in my church in Tennessee there's probably a lot of people packing there, too."

In her usual humorous fashion, Pierce mentioned that one of her only concerns about the Inaugural performance was that she would be able to breathe. 
"I've got too many spanx on to move right now. Let's hope the oxygen makes it to the lungs," said Pierce.
On a more serious note Pierce says she wishes her mother were around to see this moment,"she'd be so proud."

"I would love if my husband was alive to see this- he would at least keep me informed of history," she continued, "I've called every supreme court justice the wrong name today, and some of them are dead. "
Pierce has also been invited to the Inaugural Prayer Service at the National Cathedral Saturday morning. 
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