Exclusive: Hear the Beautiful Story Behind the Worship Song 'Good Good Father'


"Good Good Father" is a song heard in worship services around the world. The story behind the song is sure to warm your heart. 

Studio 5 sat down with Pat Barrett, lead singer of the Atlanta-based band, Housefires, to hear what inspired the group to create the song. 

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"When I started having kids and I'm looking at my daughter Harper Gray, and I'm like, 'How am I going to explain God to you?'" Barrett recalled. 

"'How am I going to introduce you to someone who so transformed my life?'" he continued. "How am I going to tell you what he's like?'"

Barrett says the message resonated with members of the church and helped create "a recalibrating of hearts." 

"To see that same thing connect with so many people has been so humbling, so mind blowing, surprising, but also encouraging that that message is something we can stand on," he told CBN News.

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