Romney Pulls it off in Michigan

Romney Pulls it off in Michigan


In a state where the economy and cars rule the day, it was all business in Michigan and the businessman won.

With his win in Michigan Tuesday night, Romney proved that not only is he not going anywhere, but he's a force to be reckoned with. The last time I checked, he now has two gold and two silver medals. 

That is not only a great olympic performance but it shows that Team Romney has always been built for a 50-state haul and winning the most delegates.

Let's remember something here. It was Mitt Romney who was campaigning in Michigan when John McCain, Mike Huckabee, and others were not. He went there time and time again. Romney and his team have said all along that they plan to be competitive in every sTate. 

And you know what? They're turning out to be right.

Romney knew that he had to do well here not just because of his family roots in this state, but also because the economy and business nature of the debate in Michigan is right in his wheelhouse.

So now what? Folks, if you know who's going to win this nomination you are dreamin'. Three states. Three separate winners. 

I know one thing for sure. Huckabee must win South Carolina or he's going to be in a world of trouble. Will Evangelicals come to the rescue again? 

As for McCain, so much foir momentum. A strong South Carolina showing is now important. Finishing behind Fred Thompson would be an issue.

And Romney? Well, he may not win South Carolina but don't count him out in Florida and the big day of February 5.

And Giuliani? What is unfolding here is his dream scenario. There is no clear cut favorite. No candidate that has clear cut momentum. And Giuliani is in Florida waiting. And folks, Florida is coming soon.

Are your seatbelts buckled yet? I leave for South Carolina Wednesday. Southern cookin' and game on.


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