Only On Faith Nation: House Freedom Caucus Leader Likes "Basic Framework" Of GOP Tax Plan


Congressman Mark Meadows, the leader of the influential House Freedom Caucus tells CBN’s Faith Nation that he likes the, “basic framework” of the GOP’s tax plan that will be released Thursday. “The basic framework is one that’s good,” Meadows tells Co-hosts Jenna Browder and David Brody. “It’s actually very aggressive, very pro-growth, pro-family in terms of the way that it’s set down.” Meadows says he’s confident President Trump is going to make this law one that benefits the middle class. “I’ve been in the Oval Office speaking directly with the President on this particular issue and he’s laser focused on making sure that those in the middle income tax brackets get not only a significant reduction but that that’s the primary focus. Regardless of what you may see on the headlines. It’s critically important that we deliver for them and I think we will.”

Meadows and his band of conservative lawmakers will have a critical role in crafting the legislation. They have enough votes to derail the bill if it’s not suitable to their liking and if they stick together. So what are his non-negotiable issues? “It really is about being very aggressive on both the corporate and the small business tax rate,” Meadows tells Faith Nation. “If we’re just going to give big corporations a break and not the small business guy, that’s a non-starter, it’s a red line.” But Meadows says there’s another item that will not be up for negotiation. “The other thing that’s actually come into play here recently has been about our 401k plans and my conversations with the White House as well as leadership, we told them that was a line in the sand that we weren’t going to cross.”

The GOP plan is expected to keep the top income bracket at 39.6 percent.  That is not in line with traditional conservative philosophy, which typically is about lowering all rates, not just some. “Philosophically, I believe that you lower all the rates and so that’s where I am,” Meadows says. But the North Carolina congressman believes it’s not a deal killer at all, especially after hearing from his constituents.  “Some of those people have been saying, ‘listen, giving that upper bracket a break while I’m still having to pay is hard for me to swallow.’ At the end of the day, if they keep a 39.6 percent rate and they bump it up – say people making over a million dollars still have to pay that top rate – that’s not a red line… It’s something that we’re willing to look at. Would it be my first choice? No, I think you need to cut them all and bring them all down.  But if that gets put back in it’s not going to be a stumbling block for most conservatives and certainly not for me.”

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