Huckabee Advisor Offers Sneak Peak of SC Race

Huckabee Advisor Offers Sneak Peak of SC Race


If you want to know what sort of storyline may develop in South Carolina, The Brody File has a little insight. A Senior Campaign Advisor to Mike Huckabee told me the following this afternoon:

"I think the free pass for McCain is over. The next few days in South Carolina will be rough and tumble. Although we will continue to take the high road I think you will see a message develop; us vs them. Governor Huckabee is the only one in the race not from Washington and does not have a cadre of Washington consultants and special interest in his campaign. The Club for Growth attack ads have been funded by many of Mitt Romney's top fundrasiers and they continue to attack Gov Huckabee with distortions and untruths. South Carolina knows the difference between K street and Main street. Governor Huckabee is from Main street and understands the struggles that most of Americans are going through. He is only one talking about Kitchen table issues and jobs, been talking about all year. Most of the other folks are jumping on that bandwagon but the people here know the truth."

This is what The Brody File has been saying for awhile now. Obviously John McCain believes his Washington experience is a major plus for him. Will voters agree or reject that argument?

We will be following up with the other campaigns to get insight into campaign strategy, especially as it relates to appealing to the key Evangelical block.


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