The Results Are In: Welcome to the 'Teavangelical Party'


The Brody File has coined a new phrase: The "Teavangelical Party." The polling from the 2010 Midterm Elections proves it.

According to a Public Opinion Strategies poll that has assessed the Midterm Election results from Tuesday,(conducted for the Faith and Freedom Coalition) 52 percent of all people who identified themselves as part of the Tea Party movement are also conservative Evangelicals.

In addition, the poll also shows that, "the largest single constituency in the electorate in the 2010 midterm elections were self-identified evangelicals, who compromised 29 percentof the vote and cast an astonishing 78 percent of their ballots for Republican candidates."

Here's the bottom line: conservative Evangelicals see fiscal issues as moral issues. Does that mean the abortion and traditional marriage issues are a thing of the past? Hardly. It just means the focus right now is on runaway spending but remember if the Tea Party is successful then that will translate into the Republicans being in power. If the GOP comes into power, they will (supposedly) promote and attempt to put in place pro-family policies, which works perfectly for social conservatives.

Full poll results here.

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