Never Before Seen: The 'Inside Scoop' on Some 2012 Presidential Contenders


On this week's edition of The Brody File show, some never before seen footage from my interviews with Sarah Palin, Speaker John Boehner, Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann as we get the ‘scoop” on some of their “personal preferences.”

We answer the burning questions of 2012 such as:

- What are Sarah Palin’s favorite movies?
- What is Michele Bachmann’s favorite food? Does Rick Perry prefer Texas Toast or Biscuits and Gravy?
- What does John Boehner need to work on when it comes to his golf game?

It’s all in this week’s show. (These interviews were done in the last few months but The Brody File is only releasing them now for the first time.)


Also, watch for analysis of the 2012 presidential election with Washington Post political reporter Aaron Blake.

- Aaron Blake 2012 presidential race analysis: top of the show
- Rick Perry Interview: 8:15 into the show
- John Boehner interview: 13:30 into the show
- Sarah Palin interview: 19:30 into the show
- Michele Bachmann interview: 22:35 into the show

Selected quotes from the newsmakers below: (This is just a small sampling of what’s inside the show)

Sarah Palin on her tweeting strategy:

“I’m so thankful for the 140 characters, I’m going to use every single one of them.  If you go back and you look at my tweets for the most part, it's 140 characters on the nose. I want that space. I want to get that thought across. But really it's ridiculous.

We’ve been griping about it for years in the world of media, that a politician, any person cannot get a real idea across in a ten second soundbite. Why do you think we can get anything across in 140 characters? A lot of times, our tweets just create more confusion and more problems than they provide solutions.”

Sarah Palin on her favorite films:

“Hoosiers, Rudy, any of those underdog stories where somebody's facing less than ideal circumstances, tough challenge and they don’t give up, they keep plugging away, they work harder than the other guy so they get farther than the other guy. Those are the type of movies I love.”

Sarah Palin on whether we will ever see her on "Dancing with the Stars":

“Oh my gosh! I am the biggest klutz in the world, but 'Dancing with the Stars' was a blast. Here’s the thing that came out of Dancing with the Stars for Todd and for me and for the rest of our family and for our friends. Bristol has said when she got the call to get to compete, she said ''Dancing with the Stars' called, mom and I don’t dance, and I’m not a star, so sure, I’ll go on their show.'

And I’m like, more power to you! And I said, 'but beware, you know, they're going to criticize.'Aand she said, 'Of course they're going to criticize and the haters are going to hate. They're going to criticize so I might as well dance and I’m like right on Bristol.'”

Rick Perry on whether he likes Texas toast:

“Everything’s bigger in Texas, including our toast. It’s fine but for me I’d just as soon have biscuits and gravy.”

Rick Perry on his biggest pet peeve:

"It’s Washington and Washington knows best. When they tell me how much salt I can put on my food or what kind of light bulbs I can have in my house that really peeves me!”

Rick Perry’s movie of choice on a date night with his wife:

“'Immortal Neloved.' It’s a great movie about Beethoven. I was a young pianist when I was growing up. (FYI…he was also an Eagle Scout) It is a great love story and has some of the most wonderful piano music that Beethoven pen and played. Check it out. You’ll like it.”

Speaker John Boehner:

"The best part of my golf game will usually be my putting. I play right handed. I put left-handed…. I figured out I’m left eye dominant so when I stand over that putt left handed I see right down the line with my left eye. The worst part of my game? Chipping. I’ve just gotten a case of the “yipps” with my chips.

Michele Bachmann on her favorite food:

“I will tell you my favorite food of all time is celery. Honest to God my favorite food is celery. Straight up celery. I will personally consume the entire stalk of celery. At the Thanksgiving table I have the plate of celery in front of me. I know it’s strange. It’s my favorite food.”

Michele Bachmann on the person (alive or dead) who she’d like to see in concert:

“It would be Johan Sebastian Bach. I love Bach. From the time our children were little I would play Bach in our house and Mozart and Haydn and various classical composers but it’s Bach that speaks to my heart. I love Bach.”

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