Brody File Video Exclusive: Donald Trump Exclaims, "God Is The Ultimate!"


The Brody File continues to roll out a few more clips from our exclusive golf course interview with Donald Trump that was done last week on his beautiful golf course in Southern California. Watch below as Trump talks to me about what God means to him. He calls God, “the ultimate” and, “there’s nothing like God.”


David Brody: “Who is God to you? What are some of your thoughts on this?  Clearly, you’re a smart man, you’re a smart businessman, you’ve contemplated this before or have you contemplate this?”

Donald Trump: “Well I say God is the ultimate. You know you look at this? Here we are on the Pacific Ocean. How did I ever own this? I bought it fifteen years ago.  I made one of the great deals they say ever. I have no more mortgage on it as I will certify and represent to you. And I was able to buy this and make a great deal.  That’s what I want to do for the country.  Make great deals.  We have to, we have to bring it back, but God is the ultimate. I mean God created this (points to his golf course and nature surrounding it), and here’s the Pacific Ocean right behind us. So nobody, no thing, no there’s nothing like God.”

Clearly, Huckabee, Carson and Cruz can give you a detailed biblically thorough answer when asked this same question. Trump hasn’t been “versed” (pun intended) in the evangelical Christian vernacular throughout his life so he’s going to speak in more generalities. The question evangelical voters are going to have to decide on is whether they are comfortable enough with Trump’s faith and the way he expresses it or are they looking for something deeper in a candidate from a faith perspective? Trump has plenty of attributes in his corner (strength, deal making, success as a businessman and lack of political correctness) that evangelicals like (along with many other voters). I think there will be certain evangelicals that will simply feel more comfortable with a candidate who has shown to evangelicals that he’s been there on the issues and is comfortable speaking about Judeo-Christian principles. But Trump appeals to the, “I’m Sick and Tired” evangelical voter who may be willing to vote for Trump despite not looking like an evangelical heavyweight. There are so many “Sick and Tired” evangelicals out there who want someone to fight HARD for them. Trump may not be the perfect cookie cutter candidate for them but his bravado and pattern of success has them seriously thinking about it.

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