The Despicable New York Times


The New York Times should be ashamed of themselves. What they did the other day on their front-page was despicable. You probably have either seen the headline or actually read the article.

Here’s the headline: Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private

So let me get this straight: this is supposed to be a news article? When The New York Times uses the words, “Crossing the Line,” it implies that Trump has indeed crossed the line. Isn’t that a determination the reader should make not the editors at the NY Times? If nothing else, how about inserting a question mark?

An article like that should be put in the editorial section or in The New York Times Magazine section but definitely not in their news section. This was a hit piece, plain and simple. The headline gives away the agenda and now we know it was spun because Rowanne Brewer Lane, the woman at the centerpiece of the story, says the NY Times spun the story incorrectly.

Why in the world is The New York Times a respected news outlet? Just because they employ really smart journalists who have attended really smart universities doesn’t mean they should automatically get a pass on respectability. With all that brainpower comes a worldview that skews their reporting.

Many times, the final product becomes an agenda-driven news article even if it is not meant to be on purpose. Why should that be respected?

And one more thing while we’re at it: conservative newsmakers and politicians need to stop complaining about The New York Times coverage when they are the ones that leak stories to these folks in the first place. They WANT to be “above the fold” in the NY Times. They think it provides legitimacy or they simply want the approval of smart elites so they can feel validated.

Give me a break. Enough.








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