Brody File Exclusive: Russell Moore's Prayer For Donald Trump


Evangelical leader Russell Moore, who has been one of the more outspoken critics of Donald Trump tells The Brody File that his prayer for him is he repents and comes to faith in Jesus Christ. Toning down the rhetoric would be part of that prayer as well. I spoke with Dr. Moore in Nashville Tennessee this week. Moore heads up the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. Moore and Trump have been critical of each other throughout this presidential campaign. Watch the interview here. We'll have more or Dr. Moore and his national influence on The 700 Club later this month.

Dr. Russell Moore: “My primary prayer for Donald Trump is that he would first of all repent of sin and come to faith in Jesus Christ. That’s my prayer for any lost person. And then that he would be somebody who would act in terms of principles of justice, which would mean a change, not only in terms of the way in which he’s changing the moral character of people, including the people that are supporting him and getting on the bandwagon, having had to excuse things that they’ve never had to excuse before and then of course in terms of being a ruler in a limited sense within an American constitutional framework who understands principles of justice. That would be a remarkable change. Of course I believe people can change but that would be a remarkable change. The same thing would be true in terms of Hillary Clinton. This is someone who has a different set of problems and issues. But really, regardless of what happens in November, my primary focus is not November of 2016. My primary focus is 2017 and preparing the church to be a church which is going to have to be a sign of contradiction regardless of whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is in The White House."

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