Newt Gingrich on Unpredictable Donald Trump: Maybe He Will Ride Into The GOP Convention On An Elephant!


In an interview with The Brody File, Newt Gingrich says that while a visual sign of unity at the GOP Convention in Cleveland would be nice, ultimately nobody knows what to expect because Donald Trump is running the show. “He is a great showman," Gingrich says. "We have no idea what a Donald Trump convention will be like. I would not be shocked to see him ride in on Thursday night on an elephant. Who knows!?”

So how can the GOP unite under Trump? "“If Trump decides to focus on really big issues such as the jobs report where we literally only created one job for every eight thousand Americans. It was an unbelievably bad report last month. Those kind of things will make it easier to unify the Republican Party.”

Gingrich is on the short list for VP. The Brody File has been predicting for some time now (way before the media started speculating about it) that Gingrich very well could be the VP pick. It makes sense on numerous different levels. Trump wants a guy who knows politics that can get things done. Gingrich has the deft skills necessary to navigate Congress but he also provides major cover and relief to conservatives who may be concerned about a Trump administration. Additionally, Newt would be the classic attack dog against Hillary which can allow Trump work on those rise-above-it presidential skills.



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