Norwegian Muslims Call for Beheadings and a Muslim State


If you still think of Norway as that brave, stubborn country that fought Nazi occupation, think again.

Norway today has been completely captured by the far Left, with all the looney multicultural stupidity that goes with that parade, and has raised the white flag over Western Civilization.

Muslim radicalism has thus found a welcoming home in Norway, and I went there in 2011 to take it all in. Here's my report on Muslim violence against Norwegian women.

So, how’s Norway’s multicultural paradise been doing since I visited? Not so hot. It seems a Norwegian-Pakistani imam named Fayed Sarased Ali Bukhari, who wants to establish a private school for 200 children in Oslo, thinks Muslims who slack off during Ramadan should be decapitated.

Here is the Norwegian TV news report:

This comes after it was a revealed last month that a radical Muslim group has threatened to inflict a 9/11 style attack on Norway unless it cedes part of its territory for a Sharia-controlled mini-state. The letter from the group says,

"We do not want to be a part of Norwegian society. And we do not consider it necessary either to move away from Norway, because we were born and grew up here. And Allah’s earth belongs to everybody. But let Grønland (an immigrant neighborhood in Oslo) become ours. Bar this city quarter and let us control it the way we wish to do it. This is the best for both parts.

We do not wish to live together with dirty beasts like you."

Can't you just feel the multicultural love?

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