The Left's Descent into Bloodshed 

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Who didn't see this coming?
The Left's obsession with killing conservatives reached its logical outcome today on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia.
The late James Hodgkinson, a "Bernie bro" (an ardent follower to Bernie Sanders) came to the Republican congressional baseball practice with enough ammo to kill as many Republicans as possible.
Hodgkinson's social media accounts show that he followed left-wing TV hosts John Oliver, Rachel Maddow, and Bill Maher.
He belonged to a group called “Terminate the Republican Party.”
The Left's public relations arm, also known as the national press corps, has already gone into damage control mode, acting mildly baffled about any connection between today's tragedy and the now steady stream of murderous rhetoric from the Left, with Politico reporting that:
…some conservative political figures and alt-right news outlets began speculating on whether Wednesday's attack on a GOP congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Va., was connected to left-wing rhetoric against President Donald Trump.
Speculating? Here's Comedian Kathy Griffin holding the severed head of President Trump. Here's the glowing review of a Broadway play that features the assassination of President Trump. Here's another. Here's Madonna talking about "blowing up the White House."  Here is rapper Snoop Dogg shooting a clown dressed as President Trump in the head.  
And here are Leftists celebrating today's attack.  It's vile, and should disturb every American.
Democratic leaders had better be worried.  The Left's descent into lawlessness and terrorism will gut the Democratic party and turn its already bleak political future into something far worse. 

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