Why Is China 'Urgently' Recruiting Korean-Chinese Interpreters?


A Chinese town near the border with North Korea is "urgently" recruiting Korean-Chinese interpreters.

The Hong Kong-based Oriental Daily and The Korea Times published stories along with a photo of a Chinese government document ordering the town of Dandong to recruit Korean-Chinese interpreters to work in border security, public security, trade, customs and quarantine.

The document does not state a reason for the rescruitment, but it's not hard to guess.

China has long feared a massive refugee surge on its border with North Korea if Leader Kim Jong-un were to do something stupid and South Korea or the U.S were to attack. 

The U.S. has warned North Korea that it must not conduct further nuclear tests or another ICBM test launch or the U.S. will strike.

North Korea's Kim has shown himself to be fairly addicted to to stupid, so war would seem more likely than not.

It seems that the Chinese think so.



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