Is a Muslim Takeover of Britain Already Underway?


As Britons absorb the latest terror attack, there are some who have predicted a Muslim takeover of Britain is already underway.

It's not happening with bombs or guns, but through a steadily growing Muslim population that's fueled by mass immigration and a high birth rate.

Urban areas are becoming increasingly Islamic and experts are asking what will happen as Muslim numbers continue to grow in officially Christian Britain.

Some fear a civil war.

Take a look at what happened when a group of Christian nationalists took large crosses through Luton's Bury Park, a Muslim area.

Immigrant man: "You're jealous that we're taking over."

White woman: "You're not taking over."

Muslim woman: "Muslims will take over. Watch!"

Immigrant man: (Curses) This is our country."

White man: "Your country?

Immigrant man: "Yeah, our country."

White woman: "It's a Christian country."

Immigrant man: "It's not a Christian country."

The scene devolved into a fistfight.

Some demographers believe that native white British will be a minority in another 40 or 50 years, but policy analyst George Igler says it will happen much sooner than that. Social changes are already underway with efforts to see Islamic guidelines for diets and marriage introduced into British law. Extremist elements even want to see Sharia law replace British law.

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