A Lot of Swedes Still Haven't Woken Up  

It was heartening to see what looked like sanity returning to the Swedish government when Prime Minister Stefan Löfven vowed after Friday's terrorist truck attack that Sweden will never go back to the reckless immigration policies of the past, when Sweden took in more refugees per capita than several European nations combined.
One of those refugees welcomed to Sweden, Rakhmat Akilov from Uzbekistan, told police he was pleased to have run over and killed Swedish infidels, among them an 11-year old deaf girl, and only wished he could have killed more.
Akilov also rejected his court appointed attorney and demanded a Sunni defense lawyer. The court refused.
The Swedish Prime Minister's tough sounding statements not withstanding, there were also the predictably loony and depressing responses from the Swedish Left indicating that enough may have not yet died senselessly at the hands of terrorists and criminals for there to be real change.
A writer in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet said cars are the real threat, not terrorists, and that people in urban centers need to be better protected from drivers.
Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Swedes gathered near the scene of the attack  to demonstrate for the power of love against terrorism.  "Tens of thousands gathered to show their love," reported Aftonbladet.
Good luck using love against trucks.
But with each incident, a growing number of long-suffering Swedes who have already witnessed a nationwide rape epidemic and grenade attacks in Malmö because of the refugee policies, have finally reached their limit.
Support for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats has now reached a record high of 27.2 percent.

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