A Warning Email About the Next French President


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On May 7, the French will vote in the second round of their president election, and the heavy favorite is Emmanuel Macron.

The 39-year Macron styles himself as pro-business (in the French socialist context), but by American standards, he’s an EU-loving, open borders, left-wing progressive.  

In other words, he’s the last thing France, which already faces civil war and more terrible attacks by Muslim terrorists, needs.

A French acquaintance of mine who uses the nom de guerre of Maxime Lépante wanted to make sure Americans understand how dangerous Macron is.

This is the opinion of one man, but Americans having trouble of cutting through the media spin on Macron might find this useful.

He describes Macron as being like former US President Obama, “but more extremist, more anti-Western, more anti-Christian, more anti-Jewish…Macron is an ultra-leftist who viscerally hates France and the French people.“

He says Macron wants to create an "French-Algerian Youth Office" to increase the number of Algerians entering France, who “represent more than 70% of the prisoners in our prisons.”

Lépante says Macron, who has called a notorious Muslim radical “a good guy,” will “dramatically increase the Islamization of France, and will do everything he can to force us to submit to Islam. That's why all the Muslim organizations in France have called today Muslims to ‘vote massively’ for Macron.”

He concludes by writing, “Paris and France will become even more dangerous places than they are already. Jews and Christians and non-Muslims will be attacked more and more often, and forced to flee France.”




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