As GOP Convention Begins In Cleveland, Evangelicals Cry Out For God's Mercy

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The GOP Convention begins Monday in Cleveland but the praying has already begun. The Response: USA held a prayer and worship event at Cleveland State University as thousands of Christians seek spiritual revival.

On their website the goal is very simple: "We desire that the presence, power, and person of Christ to fill our nation and turn the hearts of millions to righteousness, peace, and joy in Him. We want the blessing and favor of a Holy God, who loves righteousness and wants to see it exalted in our nation in this generation. We want to see real change across America, a revival that only God can perform. There is hope for our country and while it lies in heaven, we will find it on our knees."

One of the main organizers of the event is David Lane. He's one of the most influential evangelical leaders in the country. We spoke with him at the event. Have a look.

The Brody File team will be in Cleveland all week.


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