American Faith in Action: Why We Should Pray For President Trump


When they can, many members of the Trump cabinet meet regularly for a weekly Bible study and prayer. 

Ralph Drollinger of Capitol Hill Ministries leads the meeting and told our White House reporter Jennifer Wishon he doesn't think a Bible study like this has happened in 100 years!

But why should this surprise us? After all, America has a rich Judeo-Christian heritage.

In April 1607, when the first Europeans arrived on the shores of Cape Henry (modern-day Virginia Beach), they planted a cross and dedicated the New World to God.

Thirteen years later in Plymouth, Massachusetts the Pilgrims arrived. Having fled a state-controlled church in England, they were committed to a colony dedicated to the idea of religious freedom.

The  First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the people of this country freedom from the establishment of religion and the freedom to practice whatever faith we choose without government interference.

And many of us do so, privately and publicly -- 55% of Americans  say they pray daily.

Do you remember this recent image?

Some Americans were offended to see a group of pastors praying for the president in the Oval Office. But why?

Was this some kind of "voodoo magic" going on in the White House?

Watch my Drive It Home commentary for some insights on why we should pray for President Trump and our nation's leaders.







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