Good News for U.S. Veterans


Each day in the United States, at least 20 veterans kill themselves. What is being done to help them and prevent veteran suicides? Congressman Taylor has a great idea to help depressed and traumatized vets before it's too late. Watch the interview to find out what he's proposing.

The Republican-led U.S. Congress has failed to repeal and replace Obamacare, but its making headway-- along with President Trump to bring significant reform to the Veterans Administration.

And that's good news for U.S. veterans.

Congress recently passed and the president signed the VA Accountability Act. It allows the VA Secretary to actually fire people. This helps to remove underperforming leaders at the VA.

On the Homefront this week, Rep. Scott Taylor (R) Virginia tells us about the former VA Director in Puerto Rico, DeWayne Hamlin who was fired because he had been convicted of a crime and was being investigated for a number of unethical and criminal acts.

"They couldn't fire him which was insane," Taylor insisted.

Hamlin was reportedly absent from his job for a total of 80-days in 2014 and still earned a salary of nearly $180,000.

"You have to have accountability for the folks who are running the show..."

Congressman Taylor authored legislation that would also require the VA Secretary to report to Congress when senior VA executives are transferred to another facility. He says the Hampton, Virginia VA facility received a one-out-of-five-star rating for efficiency. Their solution was to transfer the director to another VA facility. 

Also, a number of structural changes are being made at VA centers across the country.

Taylor says President Trump, along with VA Secretary David Shulkin, have taken steps to provide veterans with more choice in healthcare. Some private care is now available to them when they can't get the care they need at VA centers.

Shulkin is also moving to update old IT Legacy computer systems. Many VA computers are still running MS DOS operating systems. 

And President Trump has just signed legislation removing the time limit for veterans to receive GI educational benefits. The law also provides more college assistance for veterans.

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