VIDEO: Night Terror in Israel - Why Israelis Have to Patrol While the Rest of the World Sleeps


Video: Israeli Ben Goldstein tells why he patrols his community at night

During the past two weeks, Israelis have suffered some turbulent times and the country is on edge.

About two weeks ago, two border policemen were murdered by Arabs in Jerusalem.
That led to the placement of metal detectors on the Temple Mount. Muslims rioted and relations with Jordan were threatened.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu removed the metal detectors because he wanted to avert what could easily have become another full-blown Palestinian uprising or intifada.
In the midst of all this-- one week ago, on the evening of July 21st in Halamish, the Salomon family sat down for a nice Sabbath dinner--just like you and your family might do on Sunday after church. 
Palestinian terrorist Omar al-Abed climbed the fence around the Jewish settlement (actually a community) in Judea and burst into the Salomon home, stabbing to death 70-year old Yosef and two of his children.

Abed was eventually neutralized by an off-duty Israeli soldier.
Moments after those brutal murders, Ben Goldstein took to social media to show the world how he spends his nights patrolling vulnerable Israeli neighborhoods to keep slumbering residents safe.

Goldstein's viral video summed it up well. He said he was "fully armored up, lit up for the whole world to see to protect the children in this community while they sleep."

He went on to explain that nightly security needs in Judean Jewish communities are different than in Arab villages.  

"Not one Arab community in this entire land needs a camera or a fence line, or a radar system, or security patrol to protect them from the 'evil' Jews that are trying to sneak into their homes to kill them at night. You know why? Because that's not happening," insisted Goldstein.

Why does Ben Goldstein patrol while others sleep? Does he get paid, or is he a volunteer? And what does he want Americans to do? 

Watch our Where in the World video segment and hear his responses from the Global Lane.  


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