Health Shocker! Alzheimer's Can Be Prevented, Reversed


Scientific research shows lifestyle choices like diet, exercise and sleep profoundly contribute to whether we get Alzheimer's Disease.  Furthermore, improvements in these areas can actually restore memory loss associated with Alzheimer's.

Dr. Dale Bredesen led research at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and the UCLA Easton Laboratories for Neurodegenerative Disease Research.  

Watch him explain to CBN's health reporter Lorie Johnson why the results from the research offer never-before-seen hope to Alzheimer's patients, their caregivers and people who are at risk for developing the disease.

Dr. Bredesen and his team crafted a 36-point program, specific to each individual Alzheimer's patient participating in the study.  The individualized programs included positive changes in diet, brain stimulation, exercise, optimization of sleep, specific pharmaceuticals and vitamins and other things that affect brain chemistry. 

For example, for a female patient with a demanding job who was forgetting her way home, her therapy consisted of the following changes that led to her memory improvement:

  • eliminating all simple carbohydrates, gluten and processed food from her diet, and eating more vegetables, fruits and non-farmed fish
  • meditating twice a day and beginning yoga to reduce stress
  • sleeping seven to eight hours per night, up from four to five
  • taking melatonin, methylcobalamin, vitamin D3, fish oil and coenzyme Q10 each day
  • optimizing oral hygiene using an electric flosser and electric toothbrush
  • reinstating hormone replacement therapy, which had previously been discontinued
  • fasting for a minimum of 12 hours between dinner and breakfast, and for a minimum of three hours between dinner and bedtime
  • exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes, four to six days per week

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