Leftists Plot Trump Inaugural Violence


I’ve reported about presidential inaugurations for many years now. This will be my 11th.

I cannot recall ever seeing an irascible response like this one, and it could easily turn ugly.

In a new undercover video report, the folks at Project Veritas say left wingers are plotting violent acts to disrupt Trump’s inaugural.

PV’s James O’Keefe reports an effort called #DisruptJ20 is being led by the Anti-Fascist Coalition. The group plans to wreak havoc on an inaugural ball called the Deploraball by using “stink bombs” and triggering sprinkler systems to rain down on inaugural celebrants.

You can watch the Project Veritas video here:

Although planned acts of violence may be something new for this inaugural, peaceful protests have occurred during many past inaugural festivities.

In 1973, one year before I entered broadcast journalism, Richard Nixon was sworn in at his second inaugural. It came less than one month after the U.S. bombing of Hanoi.

The country was divided over the Vietnam War, and 100,000 anti-war activists decided they’d make the trip to Washington to let Nixon know how they felt about his re-election.  

Donald Trump isn’t the first president or president-elect to be likened to Hitler. Many Americans also disliked Richard Nixon.

I found this photo of Flicker. It was taken by Gerry D. who says he attended the 1973 Nixon inaugural protest:

You can view more photos from that protest here: Protest Photos by Gerry D.

So, as thousands turn out to protest Donald Trump, just remember--their actions will not be unique to this inaugural. Inaugural protests are a part of modern American inaugural tradition—at least by leftists when Republicans are sworn into office.

In 2009, when Barack Obama recited the presidential oath for the first time, The New York Times reported protestors were “few and scattered” as Mr. Obama “assumed the presidency.”

So, where were the throngs of disgruntled conservatives pouring into D.C. streets in angry protest?

While many were displeased with the results of the election, they chose to fight their battles in the halls of the U.S. Congress rather than on the streets of Washington, D.C.

Although some Americans may not like Donald Trump, and some may oppose many of his statements and views, this Friday afternoon he will become the 45th President of the United States.

Let’s come together as “One Nation Under God” to pray for our new president and the success of our nation.

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