Victorious: The Aftermath

Following a successful tour in support of Victorious, the band quarantined at the onset of the Coronavirus. In their home, Korey and John congregated around the piano and played fan favorites. First up, a performance of the Victorious ballad “Anchor” generated 150K views on Instagram.

“Korey and I were playing alone, because the band wasn’t allowed to come over,” recalls John. “Without the production, the lyrics really stood out. Due to the lockdown and the nature of what we were doing, fans were able to connect to the message more. We always want to give them everything we can. Korey was like, ‘Why don’t we record these, finish a couple other ideas, and get them out there?” That’s how The Aftermath was born.”

They introduced the project with “Terrify the Dark (Reimagined)” a new take on a Victorious staple. Driven by keys and a sparse beat, the vocals take center stage with a comforting chorus, “Your light will terrify the dark. Elsewhere, the piano entwines with a clarion call on “Victorious (Destiny Remix)” as glitchy iridescent beats overtake the bombastic refrain of “Legendary (Destiny Remix).” Among the new material, “Dead Man Walking” bobs and weaves past a swaggering riff and industrial-style beat towards a hard-hitting call-and-response on the bridge. Between robotic harmonies, the hook packs a potent punch.

“It’s got a disco metal vibe,” smiles John. “I love the groove. At the same time, there’s a spiritual lyric. You’re waiting for something more, and you’re waiting to come alive. I think all humans are innately born with this feeling. That’s a very deep spiritual truth.”

Meanwhile, “Sick and Empty” illustrates a personal push-and-pull as part of the human condition over cinematic synths, a slick bass line, and distorted crunch.

“Sometimes, I just ruin stuff,” he admits. “I don’t mean to, but I do. I see it in my relationships with my wife, kids, and others around me. You realize how frail we are as a species, because we keep screwing things up. We need something from outside of us to be whole again. It’s very meaningful to me for those reasons.”

“Dreaming of Eden” acts as an audio companion to the EDEN graphic novel and its second installment also entitled The Aftermath. Outfitted with a befittingly otherworldly soundscape, it brings the story to life. The song arrives just in time alongside the second installment of the graphic novel, which thrusts readers deeper into this post-apocalyptic world.

“I wanted to write a tune about EDEN,” he goes on. “It’s supposed to be another world we can’t see, but it’s also a beautiful and amazing place where you never die. It’s full of hope.”

In the end, Skillet brings hope in its purest form.

“You can rock out to us or get unfiltered emotion from us,” John leaves off. “I want The Aftermath to give you more of everything. Maybe these versions will take you deeper into what the lyrics are about and you can possibly relate even more. I connected emotionally to all of the albums I love. It wasn’t just for a year; it lasted longer. When you have an emotional connection with a record, it’s with you for life. I hope some of these songs stay with you for life.”

Release Date: 10/16/2020