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Christian TV & Video Outreach

CBN’s 700 Club program has been on the air for more than 60 years, sharing inspiring stories and insightful news analysis and welcoming compelling guests, including insights from Christian leaders. With the help of our partners, CBN is also sharing the Gospel in 162 countries and territories, in 72 languages and dialects including Club 700 Hoy, a program for Hispanics in America.1

The Need

  • The mission of CBN is to prepare the world for the coming of Christ. This involves taking the Gospel to all nations.
  • According to the Alliance of the Unreached, one third of the world’s population has no access to the Gospel.
  • According to Wycliff Bible translators 220 million people, speaking 1,892 languages, still need translation work so they can have the Bible in the language they understand.
  • According to The Joshua Project, the four largest Least-Reached people groups are the Shaikh of Bangladesh, Japanese of Japan, the Shaikh of India, and Turks living in Turkey.

What We Have Accomplished Together

According to findings from the 2021 Brown and Fraser1 survey of CBN International's recurring programming throughout the world:

  • CBN shares the Gospel in 72 languages and dialects to 162 countries and territories.1
  • A projected 562 million individuals —7% of the world’s population—viewed at least one episode of CBN International programs, 245 million professed faith in Christ, and 60 million joined a church or fellowship.1
  • Coinciding with National Hispanic Heritage Month, in September CBN launched a completely new version of Club 700 Hoy, a much loved program formerly aired throughout Latin America and the US. Hosted by the Mexican-American brother-sister duo of Roberto Torres and Jessica Datsko, the new hour-long weekly ministry program features inspiring testimonies, commentary, and exciting guests aimed at reaching a new generation of Hispanics. Club 700 Hoy allows viewers to respond via chat, phone or on social media.
  • Our ministry program Solusi continues to impact Indonesia through television and online. A June episode, airing on SCTV, rated number one in its timeslot with 346,000 viewers. Meanwhile, the Solusi testimony of a woman who was able to forgive her husband who cut off her arm, has had over 650,000 views on YouTube and 4.3 million on Facebook. In April, Solusi’s Facebook page received 8.3 million one-minute video views.
  • Our Vietnam team has stepped out in faith to minister to minority populations by developing daily devotional audio programs in Cantonese and Hmong.
  • CBN launched our own channel, Flame TV, on StarTimes, a Nigerian subscription satellite TV platform in 2020. Flame TV provides viewers top CBN content we’ve produced in Nigeria, the U.S., and by other CBN offices as well as select family-friendly content acquired in Nigeria and from around the world.

With your generosity, these programs bring hope and relief to those in need, as an expression of God's unfailing love.

Be Part of the Answer

As a CBN partner your gift helps broadcast the Gospel, provide life-giving water, feed the hungry, heal the sick and more. Each gift changes lives here in America and around the world.

CBN is accredited by The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), a financial standards advocacy group that accredits organizations that comply with its strict financial standards.

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