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What we do

What We Do

Media Evangelism & Discipleship

CBN's 700 Club program has been on the air since 1961, and with the help of our partners, CBN is also sharing the Gospel in 174 countries and territories, in 70 languages.

CBN hosts international websites in multiple languages, ministering to millions, presenting the Gospel and providing online discipleship materials.

CBN's Prayer Centers around the world are manned by dedicated people filled with the Holy Spirit and equipped to interact with those who want prayer or biblical resources. CBN's Prayer Centers provide prayer as well as biblical guidance and resources to callers in their own language. We also provide ministry through email, text messaging, social media, and live web chats.

Only a few main media giants control the vast majority of what Americans read, watch, and listen to. We have the illusion of choice. But in reality, the news is fed to us in exactly the format and function a select few have decided is ‘best’ for us. CBN News is the independent Christian journalism the world needs. 

CBN is dedicated to bringing the Word of God and salvation to children throughout the world through programs such as Superbook, a scripturally accurate animated series that includes teaching materials and interactive online experiences.

Humanitarian Aid & Relief

CBN partners help to bring relief to poor, remote communities around the world, where locals often lack access to basic medical care. The global COVID-19 pandemic further strained resources. CBN’s Operation Blessing has continued conducting medical and dental brigades to those in need, as well provide medicine, train community health volunteers, provide life-changing surgeries, conduct ultrasound campaigns and pregnancy workshops and more.

With the help of our partners, CBN’s Operation Blessing clean water projects provide clean, reliable water in needy regions of the developing world. Our staff work with local leaders to identify needs and coordinate each project.

CBN is reaching out to orphans and vulnerable children through CBN’s Orphan’s Promise. Our goal is to reach out with the love of Jesus and meet their physical, educational and spiritual needs through partnerships with local churches and other established ministries.  

Every year people here at home and around the world face challenges and heartache when disaster strikes. Whether it’s a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or tsunami, or refugees in the midst of life-threatening conflict needing critical relief, CBN’s Operation Blessing is helping disaster victims endure and recover by providing critical aid, like clean water, medical care, food, shelter, and basic essentials.

CBN's Operation Blessing is bringing hope and physical transformation around the world through Life-Changing Surgeries. Due to lower medical expenses in foreign countries, Operation Blessing can provide these surgeries at a fraction of their cost in the U.S. 

CBN’s job skills outreach supports economic empowerment for individual, families, and communities. Partners help to support microenterprise small business initiatives that provide a long-lasting hand up, not a handout.

As Americans we owe a great debt to those who put their lives on the line for our freedom, and to their families who bear the burden on the home front. Military families face tough circumstances on an ongoing basis and at times need a helping hand and community support.

CBN and its partners are uniquely positioned to respond to the problem of human trafficking and help rescue women and children from predators by easing the burden of poverty.

With your generosity, these programs bring hope and relief to those in need, as an expression of God's unfailing love

Be A Part of the Answer

Your gift to CBN supports The 700 Club’s daily live broadcasts and CBN’s other global and U.S. ministry initiatives.

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