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Orphans & Vulnerable Children

CBN is reaching out to orphans and vulnerable children through CBN’s Orphan’s Promise. Ministry partners are sharing the love of Jesus and meeting their physical, educational and spiritual needs through partnerships with local churches and other established ministries.

The Need

  • Tragically, there are millions of orphaned children worldwide who have never known the love of a mother and father.
  • There are also millions who have parents living below the poverty line and suffer hunger, hardship, abuse and even fall victim to the horrors of human trafficking.
  • In many countries, thousands of children will die before the age of five from food shortages, polluted water, and lack of basic hygiene and medical care.

What We Have Accomplished Together

  • The mission of CBN’s Orphan’s Promise is to love and serve orphaned and at-risk children. While we were faced with many challenges and limited operations, OP has continued to be a source of hope and encouragement to the children and communities we serve around the world.
  • Last year, Orphan’s Promise provided food, shelter, educational opportunities, job training, and Christian discipleship to at-risk children in over 65 countries.1
  • Indonesia: By collaborating with local churches, OP's Super5 program, an early childhood development initiative, is now being used in 100 schools throughout Nias Island and North Sumatra, serving over 2,000 children between the ages of 4 and 6. This has presented OP with a unique opportunity to have a larger presence in the community.
  • Dominican Republic: Earlier this year OP started working with the Kids to Christ School program, supporting undocumented children as well as those rejected from public schools. These children, who would normally be forgotten, are now receiving an education as well as consistent, nutritious meals and are learning about Christ!
  • India: COVID-19 had a negative impact on education in India. To help address this issue, we organized several trainings for the community, held at our School of Life centers in Dehli. These trainings helped our teams measure the reading and mathematics skills of each child and track their monthly progress. We’re now working directly with students that are struggling to help them meet their educational goals. We’re also seeing a tremendous spiritual impact on the children through the Superbook curriculum incorporated into our School of Life programming.
  • Ukraine: Regardless of the war, children in Ukraine still need a "childhood" and OP has worked to provide them with some much-needed recreation! Thousands attended our Summer Camps where they played, had fun, were served hot meals, and received gifts. Most importantly, they learned that God loves them and is with them, through any circumstance. Many prayed to receive Christ.
  • Egypt: CBN/OP's Medhat Sabry, conducted a Superbook event this summer and nearly 700 children attended from five Churches in the community. Afterwards, a training was held for 33 instructors on how to disciple, mentor and teach children using the Superbook Curriculum

With your generosity, these programs bring hope and relief to those in need, as an expression of God's unfailing love.

Be Part of the Answer

When you give to CBN, you are introducing vulnerable children to the unfailing love of their Heavenly Father and giving them hope for the future. As a CBN partner, you have the confidence of knowing your gifts are touching the lives of young and old alike. Whether feeding the hungry, healing the sick, or broadcasting the Gospel, each gift changes lives here in America and around the world.

CBN is accredited by The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), a financial standards advocacy group that accredits organizations that comply with its strict financial standards.

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