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What is Christianity really all about? How does the Bible apply to my life? Who is Jesus Christ? Through this 45-day e-mail course, we’ll answer these questions and much more.

The Foundations of the Faith discipleship course delivers a new lesson and memory verses to your inbox every day. Each lesson is part of a topical section, covering topics that are essential to forming a Bible-centered worldview and deeper walk with God.

Lesson topics include:

  • • Salvation
  • • The Bible
  • • God
  • • Sin
  • • Jesus
  • • The Holy Spirit
  • • The Church
  • • The Spirit World
  • • The Future
  • • The Law of God
  • • Our Relationship to God
  • • Our Relationship to Others
  • • A Christian Himself
  • • The Christian Life
  • • The Spirit-Filled Life

Through these lessons, you'll not only achieve a greater understanding of scripture and Christian foundations, but you'll also learn life-changing principles that will impact your personal walk with God and your relationships with others.

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