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Bible Teachings on Coronavirus Encouragement

Prayer is a two-way conversation with God. It is the most intimate relationship with the Creator you can have. In prayer, the depths of your spirit...

Bible verses about plagues, pestilence, and God's promises for us.

The Bible has a lot to say about strength. These Bible verses on strength represent the many aspects of strength available to us and highlight where...

As you look forward, are you viewing the future with fear — or faith? As believers, we should move forward with confidence, based on the eternal...

The search for peace drives men and nations to great extremes.

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Questions about Coronavirus Encouragement

We ask this question sometimes because we don't understand, but most usually when we are experiencing pain in our life.

While God grows our faith through pain, it is not His foremost reason for allowing us to hurt.

God cares about our spiritual life and our physical life. He created the human body, and he is pleased when we enjoy health and vigor.

What is God calling you to do at work and home during this difficult time for so many people around the world? 

Are we living in the last days before the return of Christ?

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Devotions about Coronavirus Encouragement

Following weeks of disruptions to normal life and routines because of Covid-19, I’d slipped away from God.

From canceled weddings and graduations to forced unemployment and serious illness, many of us are unsettled.

As Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit on them, He spoke of forgiveness.

Our faith has truly been tested with the coronavirus pandemic and quarantined life.

Work through Covid-19 anxiety with the stress relief activity, Scripture journaling.

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Videos about Coronavirus Encouragement

A reading of Psalm 20 to comfort people during the COVID-19 crisis.

May the words of David provide peace, comfort, and encouragement as we walk through these difficult days of uncertainty.

Pat Robertson Calls on Christians to Pray for Victory Against the Pandemic: 'It's time for the church to go on the attack.'  

Let the words from Brother Lawrence’s book “The Practice of the Presence of God” comfort you during the COVID-19 crisis.

Join CBN President Gordon Robertson in prayer as he lifts up the coronavirus to God, asking for hope, comfort, and peace in these very difficult...

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Articles on Coronavirus Encouragement

You must Fear Fight. You must get into God's ring, rip off the leash of fear and be unafraid to declare who you are.

Certified Balloon Artist and Doctor of Ministry, "Dr. Dan," has been adapting the work of his ministry, Inflatable Stories, while effectively...

Hugs and kisses and snuggles are beginning to feel like distant memories. Will things ever return to the way they used to be?

No matter what happens, Jesus Christ and His love, are absolutely immovable, unshakable, and unstoppable.

As we build relationships for the kingdom, let’s remember that we do so for the sake of our King. When we love him, we will naturally want to share...

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