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Dreams are mysterious combinations of events all played out while we sleep. Dream interpretation can be helpful if guided by godly counsel.

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Questions about Dreams

I have discovered a relatively small number of symbols in dreams which are common within the Body of Christ.

Devotions about Dreams

We were in our Suburban enjoying the scenery. Suddenly, out of nowhere floodwaters began to rise all around us. It was rising quickly!

My father has dementia. But when he dreams at night, I believe he's in his right mind.

Oh that more of us were like Eliezer: humble and bold and eager to work in the shadows on behalf of others.

When we dwell on problems, it’s hard to move forward. Negative thinking will kill our efforts every time.

I remember thinking, "Oh, Lord, I know you were with me today, but it was a horrible day! What am I doing wrong?" Finally, sleep came and with...

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Videos about Dreams

Emma shares her favorite Superbook Show episode.

This New Hampshire pastor encourages you to continue chasing the dreams God has placed in your heart.

Emma and Lawrence are at a cattle ranch talking about Pharaoh's dream about the 7 fat cows and the 7 starving cows.

In her new book, Dreams and Visions, Jane Hamon discusses understanding and interpreting God's messages in dreams and how He can use them to speak.

NY Mets pitcher Steven Matz explains how God and faith have come full circle in his baseball journey.

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Articles on Dreams

As one who has long been fascinated by this subject and who has been interpreting dreams for many years, I want to share with you some guidelines...

When you are too weak to fight the spiritual battle, God has another option for you.

Some prayers seem to go unanswered for years, yet behind the scenes God is working. His orchestration in matters of the heart can redeem lost time.

If you are unsure of what to do in your situation right now and your dream seems to be in permanent lockdown, know that the will of God for you...

How do you know if the workplace blahs you’re feeling are just a temporary rough patch, or if the time has come to move on?

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