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We fast with only one motive and that is to seek God. Fasting needs to be accompanied by prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

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Bible Teachings on Fasting

People who have willingly chosen to become Jesus disciples are required to partake in the fellowship of Christs sufferings. While we are not meant to...

Questions about Fasting

Fasting and praying are Bible-based disciplines that are appropriate for all believers of all ages throughout all centuries in all parts of the world...

“One more thing before you go…”An hour and a half in church last Sunday wasn’t going by fast enough. My beloved pastor was going on about the power...

Participating in a Daniel Fast requires eliminating commonly enjoyed foods for twenty-one days as an act of worship and of consecrating oneself to...

Devotions about Fasting

What stands in the way of putting God first in your life?

Our motivation for fasting and observing Lent matters.

I expected the Lord to make my life a bed of roses and when that didn't happen, I got mad!

Heartbroken over the ruin of Jerusalem, Nehemiah passionately prays for his country, confesses his and the people's sins, and asks for God's...

Lent begins a time when many Christians prepare to celebrate Christ's victory over sin and death, by reflecting on our own sins which pierced Him. We...

Videos about Fasting

Lou Engle shares his burden for the spiritual state of America and promotes The Call event in Fredericksburg, VA in late May.

Pastor Jentezen Franklin explains how fasting can recharge our spiritual energy.

The author and evangelist talks about the Biblical practice that is your key to a powerful Christian walk.

Dr. Chauncey Crandall says fasting, which is a period of abstinence from all food or specific items, is actually beneficial to the body.

Ken, devastated by a cancer diagnosis, dedicates himself to prayer and fasting while he waits for the results during a second round of biopsies...

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Articles on Fasting

Why should we fast, what does the Bible say? The Bible teaches that there are times for feasting and banqueting. But, there are also specified times...

More than one Christian thinker has pointed out that the joy of the Easter feast is significantly heightened by the somberness of the Lenten fast.

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