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When setting goals, we must first discern the vision of God by taking time to hear God's voice in prayer. Listen to His will and establish God-centered goals.

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Bible Teachings on Goals

To balance out the "work hard and succeed" promises of the Book of Proverbs, the Book of Ecclesiastes assures us that human beings cannot find their...

Questions about Goals

We usually define success in terms of money, power, influence—and being envied, of course. This is not the view of the Bible.

Whether you realize it or not, people are watching. Friends, family, co-workers—even your kids—are observing whether or not your words align with...

Devotions about Goals

God put contentment in our grasp. It's not dependent on circumstances.

God chooses to work through the humble so that others can follow Him not them.

Oh that more of us were like Eliezer: humble and bold and eager to work in the shadows on behalf of others.

While we wonder about the future, God knows what lies ahead.

We can be assured that one day we will claim the prize that never fades away.

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Videos about Goals

MLK’s niece, Alveda King, discusses stories told by black and brown Americans, and their contributions in their search for the American Dream.

Randy always dreamed of being a professional fisherman, but disease threatened to derail his future.

Damon always dreamed of being a professional football player. But a dependence on drugs landed him in prison, and at rock bottom, he asked Jesus to...

Highlights from Regent University's weekend commencement activities on May 11, 2019.

Willie Robertson discusses the histories of remarkable men and women who risked everything in pursuit of the American dream.

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Articles on Goals

Labor is hard, but God redeems our work when Christ is at the center.

How do you know if the workplace blahs you’re feeling are just a temporary rough patch, or if the time has come to move on?

Belinda Elliott explains why she is kissing her New Year's Resolutions goodbye, and planning to achieve more of her goals than ever before.

Making a resolution is not about failing. It’s about resetting your compass.


Never Give Up on Beating Your Addiction

All in all, my journey took seven years. I needed to desire freedom, not just know it was best for me.

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