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Those who serve in the military have agreed to preserve and protect their country and its citizens. May we remember them always in our prayers for God's will in their lives. 

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Should Christians Fight in War?

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Arguments happen. Will we handle them the right way?

A national holiday is hardly enough to show war veterans our gratitude and respect. We can't undo anything they've been through, but we can do what...

We owe our gratitude to those who died that we might enjoy political and economic freedoms on earth; but we owe even more to the One who died to...

In Scripture and military service, giving up one’s life is not dependent on the worthiness of the people who benefit from the honorable act...

Our fallen heroes are worthy to be commemorated on Memorial Day.

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This shouldn’t be happening to a hardworking military family, but Kyle, Emily, and their four children faced escalating bills. Living paycheck to...

With a successful career in law enforcement, Michael McSellers appeared to have achieved his purpose until the trauma of the job began to haunt him...

When Keith left the army, his family struggled to make ends meet. See how generous donors like you stepped in to help this veteran’s family!

A strain on Jarod’s family budget made the holidays stressful. But then their situation took a turn when CBN stepped in to bring some holiday cheer.

After several combat tours with the military, Nick suffered from PTSD. His marriage fell apart and he became suicidal.

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Looking back, the middle years of my captivity in Vietnam seem like an endless movie reel that plays over and over. We were transferred from one camp...

'If That's Not A Hot Mess' President Trump's Decision to Pull US Troops…

President Trump's decision to pull US troops out of northern Syria to make way for a Turkish invasion fits neatly into his policy surrounding...

Dean and Melony rented their home out for a few months when the Army transferred them to a new location. They returned to find damages that far...

13 Hours movie, cr: Dion Beebe

13 Hours: Benghazi Heroes Recount Importance of Faith

In this brand new featurette, the real-life heroes share their side of this recent American history and how their personal faith played a part.

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