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God's infinite creativity and design are displayed throughout the earth in plants, animals, the landscape, the sea, the sky, and beyond.

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Questions about Nature and Animals

In Genesis, chapter 7, the Bible tells us specifically where the water came from for Noah's flood.

Devotions about Nature and Animals

Every time I ventured out to feed my little herd of kitties, I’d get ambushed by a mob of bellowing hungry balls of fur. 

When you pursue your goals and dreams in life, you will inevitably encounter resistance.

When you find yourself in one of life's ruts, stop, look down at the string that holds you, and break free.

Taking pleasure in the little things in life brings joy to our souls.

The world and our lives are unpredictable, but God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 

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Articles on Nature and Animals

Be a good SEED Share a good DEED. ~Kathy Carlton Willis

The Seed Makes the Plant

Get out the yucky seeds and shine like a Jack-o-lantern.

A time to plant - Every Season has a reason! ~Kathy Carlton Willis

The Time Is Right

If this is the season to plant in life, what are we planting?

When you seek stability, trust the gardener to plant you well. ~Kathy Carlton Willis

How Deep Are Your Roots?

The godly are planted to thrive and bear fruit.

Just as the beauty of creation reveals God’s glory, walking in wisdom also proclaims His praise.


A Fine Time to Shine!

Look back at God’s wonderful works in 2018 and look ahead toward what God might have for 2019.

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