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Thanksgiving Day 2018 is November 22. Thanksgiving celebration has a rich history in the USA. It's a day to thank God for his goodness to us all. 

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Bible Teachings on Thanksgiving

I have found this principle to be true: It is not happy people who are thankful—it is thankful people who are happy.

When God actively works in a situation, good can come out of it — even in the darkest of situations.

Thanksgiving is what we really should be doing every day, all year long. Why don’t we?

Devotions about Thanksgiving

In 1621, Governor Bradford declared a day to offer thanks for good crops and invited an Indian tribe to join the settlers for a three-day feast and...

In an uncertain world, there is an undeniable peace, an unshakable anchor for our soul.

God loves to hear us. He takes great pleasure in receiving our thanks and our love.

As the home fills with the scent of a Thanksgiving meal, we all eagerly await the moment we can partake.

God isn’t saying to be thankful something awful happened. He knows we are human, we get hurt, we lose hope, and suffer grief. 

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Videos about Thanksgiving

Author Becky Kiser shares how to emphasize Jesus and keep the holiday focus on Jesus.

Scott Ross asks people what Valentine's Day means to them and what they do for those they love.

Singer Irlene Mandrell discusses her solo debut album, "Thanks to You."

Thanksgiving has been a beloved American holiday for centuries. To this day, the tradition is still celebrated at the place where it all started -...

After tripping and striking his head on a railing, Father Murray woke up paralyzed. He was determined to walk again, but the journey tested this...

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Articles on Thanksgiving

Pastor and author Adam Mabry challenges you to embrace the art of rest. Starting today, find five minutes between everything on your calendar to...


Seek the Kingdom

When I’m not sure what’s important, I can go to the Lord’s Prayer and figure it out.

Family celebrating Thanksgiving

Create a Family Thanksgiving Story

Are you building Thanksgiving traditions as a family?

Balance relevance and holiness while enjoying any holiday.

Family traditions at Thanksgiving, playing football

The Importance of Building Family Thanksgiving Traditions

Consider adding a new tradition or preserving an old favorite.

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