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Thanksgiving Day 2022 is November 24. Thanksgiving celebration has a rich history in the USA. It's a day to thank God for his goodness to us all. 

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Bible Teachings on Thanksgiving

When God actively works in a situation, good can come out of it — even in the darkest of situations.

I have found this principle to be true: It is not happy people who are thankful—it is thankful people who are happy.

If we don’t approach our family members with an authentic concern for the state of their soul, then we really don’t have much reason to expect them...

Thanksgiving is what we really should be doing every day, all year long. Why don’t we?

Devotionals about Thanksgiving

In 1621, Governor Bradford declared a day to offer thanks for good crops and invited an Indian tribe to join the settlers for a three-day feast and...

Thanksgiving comes and goes so fast, doesn’t it? So much preparation and planning goes into that brief time we all sit around the table. Each person...

Jesus desires and recognizes our gratitude, and one of the reasons is so we can experience even more of Him. This Thanksgiving, let's collectively...

Pass along the wonderful blessings that God has freely given to you.

Take time to give thanks for what God is unfolding in the world today.

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Articles on Thanksgiving

Friends can come alongside grievers in practical ways during the holidays.

Have an attitude of gospel gratitude on Thanksgiving and every day of the year.

The text of President Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Day Proclamation is presented that establishes Thanksgiving as a national annual holiday.

Give thanks to God in all circumstances, even in suffering.

Sharing the most important message you've ever received with someone you care about never needs to become an argument.

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