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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, celebrated on February 14, is a day to celebrate love. Almighty God is love and teaches us how to love throughout the Bible.

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Bible Teachings on Valentine's Day

Look through these 18 love verses of Scripture to find the best Bible verses about love.

In the year 269 AD, Valentine, a Roman Priest, was sentenced to a three-part execution because of his stand for Christian marriage.

Love as the world defines it is anemic — a thin broth, unable to sustain a robust relationship. Divine love (agapē) radically transforms...

Questions about Valentine's Day

I believe God will lead you to the mate best suited to you, although possibly not a "perfect" mate. Here is why.

Devotionals about Valentine's Day

Intentionality in a relationship shows that you care and love deeply enough to prioritize the person you love. But the most intentionality we'll ever...

Love is a central theme of God’s character. We read in John 3:16 that He loved the world so much that He sent his Son to die on our behalf so that we...

Love heals when we take action. Let us be people of love today, because that’s courageous living.

God’s love is the most important, influential force we will ever know.

It’s true we wear many hats. But unfortunately, like an overly full closet, we often hold on to some things way too long. 

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Videos about Valentine's Day

Scott Ross asks people what Valentine's Day means to them and what they do for those they love.

A baby is born with a rare heart defect, and her only chance of survival is a heart transplant. After several months of prayer and waiting, her...

This Valentine's Day when the world is emphasizing romance, Sam and Vicki Ingrassia are teaching couples how to increase their passion for each other...

What does it mean when he gives you yellow tulips? Is a white rose romantic or deadly? David Kithcart investigates flowers and their hidden meanings.

During Victorian times, men and women used flowers to express emotions and thoughts they dared not speak. Every corsage, bouquet, and garland...

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Articles on Valentine's Day

Our security comes from God’s unconditional love despite our unloveliness and sinfulness.

Some prayers seem to go unanswered for years, yet behind the scenes God is working. His orchestration in matters of the heart can redeem lost time.

Check out this list of classic romantic movies that are good, clean fun.

Instead of breaking up with Valentine's Day, here are four ways for Christian singles to say "yes".

Soon, we'll all be faced with the same inevitable question, "What are you doing for Valentine's Day?"

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