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Articles on Bitterness

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Articles on Bitterness

Three ways to recognize when we haven't yet forgiven.

We can learn much from our Savior about how to face death honestly and openly by considering how he coped with his own death.


Golden Rule "Othering"

When we give an account for our own lives, bowed before God, we are in a place of humility. When we judge others, we forget we are not God, and we...

What do you do when you've been hurt by family? How do you forgive the ones who should know better? The ones we call brothers and sisters in Christ?

Sometimes we might not fully grasp the necessity and power of true forgiveness due to a lack of knowledge, or feelings of bitterness we haven’t dealt...


Love Is ... Forgiveness

I asked God to help me love those who hurt me, not with any old love, but with the love of Jesus. 

What happens when it’s not the ones who hurt you who need the forgiveness?

A lot of forgiveness is about you being the bigger person and not fighting fire with fire. Character is having ammunition and choosing not to use it...

When all else fails read the directions. That’s my husband’s motto.Whether he is putting together my latest “assembly-required” purchase, or setting...

Let me add this: If you are angry with God, it is never right not to tell him so.


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