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Articles on Fear

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Articles on Fear

Ken, devastated by a cancer diagnosis, dedicates himself to prayer and fasting while he waits for the results during a second round of biopsies...

When you hold on to fear, it becomes contagious.

Carlos Whittaker’s book, “Entering Wild,” details his transition from an anxiety-filled life to complete reliance on God for all his needs.

When I need a little help, I need a lot of the Spirit operating in my life!

God Helps the Helpless

God delivers help to those in need and aids the downtrodden.

Suffering with an untreatable stomach illness, Tammy nearly loses hope until she hears the most encouraging words.

Christians wrestle with how to exemplify Jesus and unify the community amid civil unrest, reminiscent of the 1967 Detroit race rebellion....

Kay’s COVID-19 diagnosis challenges her to be still and rely on God.    

I will put my hope in the Lord. He is my HELP and my STRENGTH.

Our Shiny Shield

God’s shield will help you in your time of need.

Are you married to a man who avoids doctors like the plague? Understanding key reasons can provide clues about changing their mind.

Here are eight specific strategies to overcome the fear of sharing our faith.


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