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Articles on Integrity

A True Christian American President - American Church History | CBN.com

Every man or woman of God with a true call on their lives goes through seasons we’ve come to know as the wilderness.

Surrendering to God is not passive resignation, fatalism, or an excuse for laziness. It is not accepting the status quo. It may mean the exact...

Bev Shea's career is a testament to a full life, lived yielded to the Holy Spirit. He was serene, confident, and dedicated in his musical ministry....

Georgia Shaffer: Some of our tightly held but unrealized or unrealistic longings set us up for disappointment, anger, and despair. And these emotions...

Leadership often draws the wrong kinds of people. Positions of power and influence have the tendency to attract the proud and the upwardly mobile,...

In this excerpt, Bob Slosser shares about the path of Ronald Reagan to the presidency, and the character that made him such an extraordinary leader.

As Joshua approached the biggest battle of his life, he encountered God, fell in worship before him, and surrendered his plans. That surrender led to...

In the summer of 1980 Armstrong had the opportunity to ask then presidential candidate Reagan what it would take for him to get into heaven....

I am ashamed to be an American. We preach freedom, justice and democracy to the world, yet we let a woman in Florida die from dehydration and...


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