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Articles on Jesus

Twelve key historical facts regarding the first Easter include prophecies foretold, an empty tomb, witnesses, historical manuscripts from believers...

As we celebrate the joy of Christmas, we must learn to long for Christ’s return

Have an attitude of gospel gratitude on Thanksgiving and every day of the year.

Give thanks to God in all circumstances, even in suffering.

When we are convinced our future is secure with God, we have the foundation to live with bold faith.

There is a reason for our existence; we are called to a greater purpose than just existing.

Marie was concerned about catching COVID from touching food and money at her community marketplace in Peru. She knew that hand-washing can destroy...

Mai, a single mom in Thailand with a 1-year-old child was grateful for her job in a garment factory. But the pandemic took it away. Soon, it came...

More and more these days, people are associating Christianity with a political movement. This is a complicated and controversial issue.

Why giving up His only Son was the only way to deal with the problem of sin.


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